Juggling/Getting Zen With It

More juggling happened in this past week but its finally over. A little Wordpress content management on one site, Joomla install on my localhost, and even a new Wordpress site which will get some content and theme work done on it within the next month.

Also been doing some 3D work for a mask design that my partner has been commissioned for. Its a bit on the fetishy side, but what do you expect with animal gasmasks? I been a bit more quiet about that here on this blog only because Rosettes and CSS is meant to be very professional overall. I debate how a web designer showcases adult or fetish website/graphic work when building an online portfolio.

...but I digress

After an important Drupal security upgrade (6.12 > 6.13) and a few module upgrades, I ran myself through this tutorial (for 6.x only) about creating a sub-theme for Zen. The result of an untouchedzen theme?....This:


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