Concerns Regarding Frankness and Professionalism

One reasoning that my marketing may be a weakness for me, is my inability to really write about myself. I find myself an awkward teenager forced to present something about him/herself in front of a class of very easily bored and unimpressed people. Job interviews probably also suffer because of this.

So, the bio of the website remains unwritten. I wish I could be like this guy and explain myself casually and feel secure that my statements aren't too casual. Talking about myself passionately seems to posses a finer line between passionate and over-the-top, than other web designers who keep the creativity more low key. I know there are other orange haired web designers out there who have probably struggled with this. Trust me, Im debating and shuddering to think about what my bio picture would be.

Its a fine line between giving people an idea that you are a colorful human being outside of what you code, and giving out enough information that creates more of a problem and obscures the very skillset you are trying to display.