K2 Extension for Joomla

Yesterday I got an answer in the Joomla forums that recommended K2 as a solution for the personalized blog aspect ot my site. The demo video on the K2 site got me intrigued. It had all the kinds of things most blogs need such as socialbookmarking, tag clouds (although not as nifty looking as Joomulous), and commentary complete with CAPCHA. Overall, K2 acts like a mini-Joomla inside Joomla.

Speaking of that, it was nice that the categories I could set for my blogs could be seperate from the sections/category madness of the original in-the-box Joomla. Overall, it helped me decrypt some of the logic behind the Joomla interface that drives me crazy. Yes, Drupal spoiled me with how changes for something are always in one single place.

I am still left with a few questions and things to troubleshoot:

  • Can I promote featured K2 items to the front page? Where does the category template "blog" comes from? How do I add more? (see screenshot below)
  • Glitch: Social bookmarking symbols dont show up even if I have enabled them
  • Glitch: Clicking on a K2 item's individual page leaves me with an entry devoid of a stylesheet. This happens no matter which of the Joomla starter templates that I use. (see screenshot below)

Still want to give this extension a chance. It might be the closest to blogging Im going to get.

Choosing A CMS For My Professional Site: Decisions...decisions....

While Im not short on projects to speak of, I want to still get myself into working on something related to the website that this blog is named after. Rosettes and CSS shouldnt be stuck on Blogspot forever. Since my hosting (when I have the $$ for it) is going to have database capabilities, I want to use a CMS.

....but which one??

Wordpress seems to be the easy choice these days. For sites that are just about blogging and posting a few pages here and there, why wouldnt you use such an easy CMS? However, I am always having desire to step outside the box and go with something else.

Joomla is another CMS installed on my computer after seeing a few friends who used it for thier company website. Since Rosettes and CSS is the company/professional website (between another domain that I own), that seems perfect. On the other hand, some might say that Joomla is overkill for something as simple as a portfolio website.

Showing a big change in skillset by using Joomla or keeping a portfolio site simple with Wordpres (a simple CMS)....

Of course, I have both installed on my localhost so I suppose I could do both and find out from there. Feedback is encouraged.

Juggling/Getting Zen With It

More juggling happened in this past week but its finally over. A little Wordpress content management on one site, Joomla install on my localhost, and even a new Wordpress site which will get some content and theme work done on it within the next month.

Also been doing some 3D work for a mask design that my partner has been commissioned for. Its a bit on the fetishy side, but what do you expect with animal gasmasks? I been a bit more quiet about that here on this blog only because Rosettes and CSS is meant to be very professional overall. I debate how a web designer showcases adult or fetish website/graphic work when building an online portfolio.

...but I digress

After an important Drupal security upgrade (6.12 > 6.13) and a few module upgrades, I ran myself through this tutorial (for 6.x only) about creating a sub-theme for Zen. The result of an untouchedzen theme?....This: