Choosing A CMS For My Professional Site: Decisions...decisions....

While Im not short on projects to speak of, I want to still get myself into working on something related to the website that this blog is named after. Rosettes and CSS shouldnt be stuck on Blogspot forever. Since my hosting (when I have the $$ for it) is going to have database capabilities, I want to use a CMS.

....but which one??

Wordpress seems to be the easy choice these days. For sites that are just about blogging and posting a few pages here and there, why wouldnt you use such an easy CMS? However, I am always having desire to step outside the box and go with something else.

Joomla is another CMS installed on my computer after seeing a few friends who used it for thier company website. Since Rosettes and CSS is the company/professional website (between another domain that I own), that seems perfect. On the other hand, some might say that Joomla is overkill for something as simple as a portfolio website.

Showing a big change in skillset by using Joomla or keeping a portfolio site simple with Wordpres (a simple CMS)....

Of course, I have both installed on my localhost so I suppose I could do both and find out from there. Feedback is encouraged.


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