Restructuring Deadlines

No sooner did I get some of my working groove back, and my personal life presented me with many challenges. Namely, very bad luck with cars and a sick dog. Im not a big believer of astrology but I sure wondered about Mercury in Retrograde having anything to do with my car woes.

Shortly after getting back, I did come across a job. Its going to pay me far less than I normally would take for a Wordpress Template, but this is one of those times where any money is good and so I was willing to lowball myself. :(

Things are almost done. After this one is done, I am going to make a point to look up what other good self-hosted gallery plugins can work besides NextGEN Gallery. I really like NextGEN but sadly most adblocker browser plugins do not like the slideshow part of things.

Im determined to make some headway with other projects but, I admit, Im a bit behind.

In the Meantime

Back from my vacation and slowly getting back into some productivity flow, Im finding myself with new projects already. Money is tight for a freelance web designer I suppose. It is sort of a letdown. This time should be used to work on my portfolio at some point now that I got some hosting for it.

Still, I have taken on a few projects and re-prioritized others. Its giving me more portfolio material so I guess it is not all bad. Still, I had hoped to have my .com site up sometime before this month ends.

Because of the length of my Labor Day Getaway, I used the time to kind of reset myself. It seems like it might help me clear some clutter and balance aspects of my daily fill of tasks and activities.

Mary's Mindmap