Freelance Follies/ Link Mania!

Im back into having more free time to code what I want, having only the XC project on my plate. Here is what I have so far:

I also did finish the Lost Trekker project, pretty much on time. However, communication was not always in the best balance. Until this client, I had only heard about the kind of incidents that can make freelancing a nightmare.

Most of it was my fault because, in a moment of expensive car repairs, I had to break 2 business-oriented principles--lowballing myself and not having it all done in writing

As Im further realizing that my freelance business can have online prescense again (due to the contributions of a friend for server space), I have been going over some sites that give me an idea of how I want to present myself both visually and how information is displayed. Here are a few sites with designs that inspire me:

  • FictionalHead Design
  • Shape Shed - They are also using the Portfolio Extension in Joomla and have good ideas on how to utilize everything for what it is worth

As well, I am also finding articles that cover more of the marketing side of things....

  • Jonathan World Pricing Info - A part-time template designer's rates. Listed with some extensive detail to ensure proper communication
  • Van SEO Design - Another good guide that gives me an idea of how people with higher skillsets than I are putting some detail into figuring costs.

I will continue to get more ideas about marketing, presentation of information and how to give the best pricing for what Im worth without over or undercharging. Until then, I leave you with this:

Article: What Web Designers Can Learn from Print Designers