The Layout Factor

While I sure love quality handmade physical items over "pressed out of a factory" items, that doesnt seem to be true for the web design work I produce. Many times when I wish to modify a layout or CSS that I created and/or used for a past project, there is the arduous task of finding it. Worse, if I am not on my home network, I wont be able to grab it since I store my project archives on a MyBook.

I took the opportunity to do this while working on a local business' Wordpress site. Im rather pleased with the results. It was a bit time consuming and will add more time to my projects, at least at first. (Dont worry, this time wont be added to my customers' rates since it is more for my enrichment than benefit to them). In time it is my hope that, with more and more layout diagrams to work with, less of that enrichment time will be needed.

Getting to the Wordpress portion today, I hope.