Tinkering Around

As March begins, I find myself gearing up for sci-fi convention season a bit late. However, in order to fill my duties as a lead there, I found myself at the breaking point of organization. There was so much piled up and going on so I spent a good 2 days de-cluttering my life. I also squeezed in some much needed updates (and fixing) of TGE's site.

Also, my server is up! Slowly but surely I been working out the kinks, tackling the last of the known things that I wanted to fix up/reconfigure. I can say that I am 90% confident that it is set up the way I want it to be. This is a great place to host my images (no need for Photobucket here) and has been the staging server for some trial-and-error projects.

At this time, I'm working on Shadarii again, vowing to get a good glossary up. I still need to track down the fanart and see about getting an interview in. Seems that Ill never get to the templating part of my makeover/takeover, if I dont actually get on the ball about providing and recieving content. I hope I still have passion for it despite that I dont meet alot of of other fans of this book.

My pro-bono project for another person is something local. His page is just plain html/css right now but he wanted to have a revamp. I gave him a bit of something to provide him an idea of where he might want to go. In the process of going along with the simple idea, it gave me time to practice this little bit of CSS.

Mine was pretty successful & I think I will use that in the future for menu rollovers when necessary.

We had also spoken of finding a way that he, someone who only edits a webpage as far as GoDaddy's page authoring tool does, can edit stuff on his own easily, without disturbing the code that makes up layout and design. Thats what CMS/CMFs were designed for, of course. Wordpress is what I would lean to first for a project like this. Still, can I integrate this javascript dropdown (or something else) into wordpress?

The content inside there would be a menu of items and the prices for them. I would like this to be layed out with the template's CSS but make sure that filling out each item and its corresponding prices could still be done in the backend. Drupal could do this with the CCK module easily but I think Drupal is kind of overkill for a website this simple.