Portfolio Site for Rosettes and CSS

Honestly, Im almost never attached to the idea of using this blog to express personal opinion outside of code, layout methods, opinions on CMS tool, etc... Here is one of those rare occasions where Ill be a bit frank. Excuse me.

My portfolio could be ready soon, and Im pretty tongue tied. A portfolio is about showing your work to whomever comes across your site. Trust me, even the audience you are not sending your marketing tools towards could stumble upon your site. Thats why my portfolio project is at a standstill....I dont know what to say!

I am just a bit curious on how I might market myself properly on my professional graphic and web design portfolio site. Marketing is not one of my strengths to be honest. Talking about myself in a promotional way always seems strange when I try it. I never know what to say and, fear giving out too much information. When I have to talk about myself I usually babble and I am not a fan of "filler"/fluff content.

I'm using this Joomla Module and I seem to have room for:

  1. A basic "Hey, this is my portfolio" paragraph

  2. Short intro under the title of each Category.

  3. Footer Content that is throughout the portfolio's sections

  4. Category specific information paragraph

  5. Potential Header Content in each category (what is this for? Title?)

The link above shows how it all lays out and comes together. These fields are the fields that are provided in a CMS extension Im using on Joomla. They are all optional (I could leave them blank). Still I ask, what could I provide for these above areas?

Honestly, when I think about the audience I am attempting to reach/market my services to....I dont have any specific audience that Im looking to market to. Im game for anything. I want to cater to small business, big businesses, people who need a personal website, and any type of person.

For example, I will admit here that I have done some sites that have to do with "fetish" or are on the "adult" side. *blushes* If Ted Christian was to stumble upon my porfolio, how would I keep from alienating him? Should I seperate that kind of content out to keep it getting mixed in with with eveything else (most of my content is very general)? Is disclaimer of "This content does not necessarily reflect my views" necessary to assure a "squeaky clean" client that Im not some perv with code?

Or, am I just reading too far into this? Please comment below if you have a good idea or suggestion. I would love to hear from you guys out there.


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