No Drupal For the Code Cat, Back to WordPress

After things fell apart with the Drupal project that I was into, I had a week of distraction followed by starting back up on a Wordpress Template project.

While I know many Wordpress Template creators that base their template off of someone's pre-existing one, I wanted to start from scratch since I only need a very simple template anyway. Besides, I never know how to gauge how original your template is from complex one you based yours off of. After a while all Wordpress templates probably can start looking alike from one artist to another's.

Almost everything of mine is done. Now all that remains is cleaning up the CSS before getting it transfered to a live website. CSS cleanup can be like cleaning your room. You have to clean out the code you dont need as well as get some of the like objects to be placed together. I have found some useful links that discuss this very thing:

5 Steps to a More Organized Style Sheet
11 Useful Tools to Check, Clean and Optimize your CSS file
10 Best CSS Practices to Improve Your Code


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