The Start

Greetings!  I take a break now from the finicky job market to actually blog.  Yes, I now have been rejected for being over qualified on web design.  Thats shocking to tell you the truth.  Admittedly I have also been a bit scattered among things but I allowed for a bit of creative distraction. The sun is coming out and I sure hope to get back out to the outdoor events with my friends as well as bring my "office" out onto my deck.

Amongst some revisions to 2 HTML/CSS based sites, I am slowly changing my gears back towards the Drupal front.  The drupal meeting a few weeks ago was stellar.  I learned alot more about how Taxonomy works which will help me with the "catalog" portion of things. Did a bit with creating an administrator role which I always have to do with a new Drupal install.

There are a few commands Im using more and more when it comes to installing modules and the subsequent need to chown them appropriately.  Of course this wont always be the case for future work but it is pretty much the same whether Im doing this on my local machine or an actual hosting server

Modules Installed:


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